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Navigating sustainable investments in Sweden and the Nordics: A legal perspective

16 February 2024

Sustainable investments have become a focal point for conscientious investors worldwide, and the Nordic region, particularly Sweden, stands at the forefront of this global shift towards responsible finance. Unlocking the potential of sustainable investments in these regions involves careful navigation of the legal landscape to ensure compliance and promote ethical financial practices.

By aligning investments with local regulations and leveraging legal expertise, investors can contribute to the region's commitment to sustainability while fostering financial growth.

Watch our panel of experts for an in-depth exploration into the dynamic world of environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) investing and explore its profound implications within the legal context for financial market participants.

Hot topics for the ESG expert panel:

  • Understanding ESG investing

Delve into the fundamentals of ESG and gain insights into the evolving legal framework that underpins these transformative practices.

  • Market participants in adaption and implementation

Examine the ESG implications and challenges faced by market participants in the continuous implementation of SFDR.

  • Importance of sustainability classification for investor confidence

Discover the pivotal role of a robust category system, and how it contributes to building investor confidence in sustainable products.